In by Chris Foley



People often discourse about “part of me wants..” and “another part of me feels…” We are people of parts and those parts breed like rabbits. All the personas and faces and masks. Which of these selves is caged and which are free?


Mu the Mindless Rabbit
Collection 1


NFT Collectables

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First Buyer of each image in this Collection will receive a big-ass archival print on Epson Premium Luster fine art paper, hand-signed by Chris Foley & Pausha Foley as well as a Certificate of Authenticity. Buyer can choose their size before we have it printed. Once an image in this collection makes its first NFT sale, the print will be retired and will no longer be available for purchase.
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Fine Art Prints

Printed at Bay Photo in California via SmugMug

Perfect for practitioners of Social Distancing and misanthropic introverts alike!

All Fine Art Prints are hand-signed by Chris Foley & Pausha and include a Certificate of Authenticity. Each entry into the Mu the Mindless Rabbit Collection 1 are limited to 42 prints and these prints will be removed from the store upon that image's sale as an NFT, whichever comes first.

Prints are available in several sizes and a variety of Fine Art Papers and Canvas. We recommend choosing Epson Premium Luster paper, based on our own quality trials. Each print is hand-inspected by us before being forwarded off to you.

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